Undress AI β€” Edit or Remove Clothes with AI πŸ‘™

Undress AI, also referred as 'undress app', 'nudify' and 'AI clothes remover', enables you to convert an image of a dressed person to a nude using generative artificial intelligence (AI). Besides nudifying and taking things out, you can also change them up or even add new stuff. For instance, you can switch a casual outfit for something more sexy & erotic, make certain objects bigger or smaller (e.g., change the size of tits), add some details (e.g., pubic hair, tattoos) and so on. There are no limits!

Editing or removing clothes in photos has been already possible with tools like Adobe Photoshop, but AI makes it way easier now!

Sounds tempting? Try now! πŸ”₯

Here's how to do it

Step 1: Upload your photo.
Step 2: Use the brush to select the area you want to change.
Step 3: Type in what you'd like to see, e.g., 'naked', 'bra', 'lingerie', 'bodysuit'.
Step 4: Hit Generate and voila!

Quick demo

undress ai demo

Sounds tempting? Try now! πŸ”₯

*Undress AI feature is available on our partner's website, ai-nudes.ai, which is not managed or controlled by PornJoy.AI.