Last updated: Sep 25, 2023

Tips for Generating Amazing Porn Images with AI


1.You don't have to select every option, they're all optional.

2.Too many or conflicting options may lead to less stable results. To fix this, try again with the same options or deselect some of them.

3.Some combinations yield less stable results. Allow the AI multiple attempts or experiment with different combinations.


1.The input value should correspond to the option group. For example, if it's a custom option in a "character" group, the input value should represent a specific character, such as "Wonder Woman" or "Catwoman". However, feel free to experiment!

2.If you're not getting the expected results, try adding more context to the input (separate it with a comma).
Example: "Nami, One Piece" (capitalization is not important).


1.Ensure your prompt is grammatically correct.

2.Prioritize word order. Words placed at the beginning have a greater influence.

3.Pay attention to structure. Separate words or word expressions with a comma. For instance, "blonde hair, swimsuit, beach".

4.Use the "custom option" when applicable, and supplement it with a "prompt". For example, if you want to generate an ai porn image of a specific character, input the character into the "custom character" field and add an additional description to the "prompt" field.

5.Note that achieving good results for poses using the "prompt" field can be challenging.

6.Don't hesitate to experiment with generating porn images with AI!


Prompt-weighting allows you to increase or decrease the importance of specific words in a prompt. This is useful when the AI doesn’t generate a specific object or adds it more than you'd like. Sounds a bit complicated but you'll get it once you try.

To use this feature, just wrap a word or a couple of words in rounded brackets, and set the value between 0 and 2 after the last word, separated by colon (see examples below). The recommended range is 0.7-1.4.

(pink hair:0.8) – importance decreased to 0.8
(pink hair:1.2) – importance increased to 1.2
curvy, (pink hair:1.2), (black stockings, bedroom:0.7) – importance of “pink hair” increased to 1.2, importance of “black stockings, bedroom” decreased to 0.7