SoulGen: In-depth Review of AI Image Generator

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SoulGen AI image generator appears to be a front-runner in the AI image generator space, consistently ranking high on many "Best AI Porn Generators" lists. Given its reputation, we decided to delve deeper and offer you an in-depth review. Let's jump right in!

Free Plan

The primary question on everyone's mind when exploring new online tools is often, "Is there a free option?". SoulGen does offer a free trial which lets you generate images, but there's a catch: the images are blurred, making it tough to evaluate the quality. Based on our initial impressions, the generated images looked promising, prompting us to explore the Pro version.

SoulGen Free Trial Screenshot

Upgrading to Pro

The upgrade process is intuitive, and payments are facilitated through PayPal, ensuring a secure transaction. Notably, you don't need a PayPal account as payments via debit or credit card are also accepted. Our payment went through smoothly!

Canceling a Subscription

The next logical step after trying a new service is to check the cancellation process, right? We headed to the billing settings to cancel the auto-renewal but found no direct option. Instead, a Google Form needs to be filled out to cancel the subscription. It's not the most user-friendly approach, but we're hoping it's effective. Moving on!


Luck was on our side as we managed to secure a 50% discount, meaning the first month of the SoulGen's Pro plan was only $9.99, down from $19.99.

The Pro plan gives you 100 credits per month. Given that 1 image generation consumes 1 credit, it's effectively 100 images for $9.99. For those looking to generate more images, additional credits can be purchased. While the same $9.99 gets you another 100 images, bulk purchases offer discounts. The most economical option is to buy 1000 credits at $89.99. Compared to other platforms, like our own PornJoy.AI or AI-NUDES which offers unlimited usage at $7.99 (including a 50% discount), SoulGen AI does come off as pricier.

Generating Images with SoulGen

Now, for the exciting part! We delved into SoulGen's features and experimented with its AI image generation capabilities.

There are two AI models: "Real Girl", designed to generate lifelike images, and "Anime Girl", tailored for anime-style images.

Real AI Girls

We initiated our journey with the "Real Girl" model. Opting for preset prompts like "cute girl" and "brown hair girl", and experimenting with a custom prompt "a girl, standing", we generated several images.

SoulGen Real Girl Images

The results are very impressive! The images were strikingly realistic, barring minor issues with details like fingers. However, such glitches are common across AI generators. The speed of generation was quite fast, under 10 seconds. The standout feature was the resolution — 1024 x 1536, which is notably higher than many competitors that offer 512 x 768.

"Looks like" or FaceSwap Feature

An intriguing feature, "looks like", lets you upload an image and generate a similar looking person. We gave this a spin using the "Real Girl" model, because this feature doesn't support the "Anime Girl" model.

SoulGen Look Like Images

Unfortunately, this time we weren't satisfied with the results. While the images generated by SoulGen AI are quite nice, they don't resemble the people in the photos we uploaded. You would definitely recognize who's in the picture if it had worked well.

Anime AI Girls

Switching gears to the Anime Girl model, we tested several default prompts, such as "smile girl on beach", "office asia lady", and "cute girl".

SoulGen Anime Girl Images

The outcomes were great, boasting excellent image quality.

NSFW AI Images

Given SoulGen's mention in many "TOP AI NSFW Image Generators" lists, we were curious about its capabilities in this realm. However, our attempts to generate NSFW content using both models fell short. The following prompts were used: "a girl, blowjob", "a girl, pussy" and "a girl, exposed pussy".

Real Girl NSFW Images SoulGen NSFW Real Girl Images

Anime Girl NSFW Images SoulGen NSFW Anime Girl Images



  • High image resolution
  • Quick generation (less than 10 seconds)
  • Secure payments via PayPal
  • Ability to generate multiple images simultaneously
  • Intuitive UI
  • A lot of features


  • Blurred images in the free version
  • Limited to only 2 AI models
  • Pricier than competitors
  • Cancellation process is complicated
  • Inability to generate NSFW content

SoulGen certainly delivers as a robust AI image generator, equipped with numerous enticing features and producing high-quality images. However, its pricing might be a stumbling block for some. Additionally, if you're looking to generate NSFW content, SoulGen might not be the right tool. While it's a commendable platform, there are alternative solutions that might offer comparable results at a more affordable rate.