Friday Updates: Exciting Changes and New Features

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Hello, creative minds of the PornJoy.AI community!

It's hard to believe that two whole weeks have flown by since our last update. But the wait is over! In these past weeks, we have been diligently listening to your insightful feedback and have made some adjustments accordingly. Although we haven't rolled out undress ai yet, today, we are delighted to share the changes and introduce new features to enhance your creative journey with NSFW AI image generation.

Changes Worth Noting:

1. Return of the Semi-Realistic Model

In our quest to always evolve, sometimes we recognize the beauty in what we had. After side-by-side comparisons of images from our old and new models, the consensus is clear: the older model had that extra touch when it came to semi-realistic content. Although the differences between the two aren't night and day, the subtle nuances make a difference!

2. Anime Model: The Best of Both Worlds

Our community's diverse opinions never cease to amaze us! While some of you have shown love for the old anime model, others have an affinity towards the new. Hence, we decided to marry the best aspects of both, presenting a reworked anime model that promises improved versatility and prowess, particularly in the AI hentai domain.

Brand New Features & Updates:

1. Expanding Poses and Views

We've added some fresh perspectives to our tool:

  • Shirtlift
  • Fingering
  • Cuddling handjob

2. A Gaming Nook on Discord

Upon a brilliant suggestion from a community member, we’re introducing a gaming-specific channel on our Discord! Share your gaming-inspired AI visuals from a wide array of games including Zelda, Mario, Skyrim, Fallout, and countless others.

3. Subtle Improvements to Elevate Your Art:

  • Introducing straight hair texture.
  • A brown hair color for the 3D animation model.
  • Alongside these, there are various other minor adjustments and enhancements to refine your experience.

Your Voice Matters:

Your feedback drives us! We encourage open discussions and suggestions. If something isn't resonating with you, speak up. Let’s keep this dialogue going to make PornJoy.AI even better.

Do note, our resources at present restrict us from maintaining a myriad of models. However, our vision is to expand and offer an even broader spectrum of options as we progress.

In Conclusion:

A heartfelt THANK YOU for your steadfast support and trust in us. We’re eager for you to dive in, explore the updates, and continue to craft breathtaking visuals.

Stay inspired, and here's to an endless creative journey with PornJoy.AI!